“Meet the Ittens” is a ficticious collection of wall clocks i designed during my time at dieGraphische. Inspired by Johannes von Itten’s color wheel i created five individual design ideas. I designed to animate my collection, since the movement and transformation of both the hands and clock face are key in two of the concepts. “The Paradigm of 7” is a pixel based animation, both concepted and created during my final exam week. The time was limited to a total of 24 work hours separated into three days in which everything had to be personally be done. (Conception of idea, editing of text, voice recording and normalizing, recording of video material, setup of necessary animation files, final animation.)

For Bio Knowledge I did a flip-book together with dform. It was an interesting challenge to adapt the After Effects workflow so it could be adapted to a print document via InDesign in order to print out and bind the finished flip-book.